Decarabia / Tahazu Split

by Decarabia / Tahazu

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Collaboration between Tahazu and Decarabia

Link to Tahazu's site:


released December 21, 2016

Tahazu - Vocals, Guitar
Decarabia - Synths, Drum Machine, Mixing





Ambient Black Metal from USA

2016 - To Present

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Track Name: Passage of Echoes
Enter the domain accept the transcendence to the old ones, their presence a gift from the stars, from the earth. Enter and ascend to the cosmos where they slumber, ready to give to their children. Omnipotent, knowledge our power, their gift, our tool to advance.
Track Name: Ascending to Twilight
Rise to the stars, the dwell of the gods, soar through the cosmos, to the answers, secrets, held for man to find; Rise, Soar, Chaos- womb of creation, dawn of man, arise, the arrival to the stars (to your eyes). Rise, Soar, breathe new light, the cosmos eternal, rise to truth in oblivion, rise.
Track Name: The Sigil
Signs of a coming dawn projecting a radiance to wash the everlasting, calls from de mysteriis the deep black (in) a display of absolution all powerful signs of the wisest path of all knowing, total power dispersing to infinity in the cosmos, hurling toward the worthy lifeblood.
Track Name: Astral Anomaly
Blazing energy from the void an unknown reality consuming and expanding a mass of power hungered for stars, brilliant light a crown adorning the body of sheer being pulsing, all powerful. a new dawn, a singularity. burning the cosmos in primordial fire bringing new life and meaning a mass of will and chaos one with the universe in a constant evolution, all and nothing in the void.
Track Name: The Eternal Shroud
Ever reaching outwards the vastness of nothing yet brilliant stars and life exist in unknowns, truths of an existence in the stars the black spiraling outwards into the void in a search for more insatiable the taste of infinity bestowed by the old gods and order of chaos.
Track Name: Soulscape
Searing light blinding presence total resonance in the void this dawn is where we come to take power- void
black infinity ever present moons crescent in the void the apex of the culmination of knowledge, will, control of self in the cosmos
burning minds seeking ever knowing forever in the void stars great force in death will bring an end anew so grand life will flourish
searing light... (line repeated)
black infinity... (line repeated)
Ans so we shall meet our fates and true purpose by our own hand
Track Name: Stellar Pilgrimage
Solace is a constant pursuit to true freedom bring forth the divine the righteous souls and wills of worthy men driven to find the answers to life, our purpose eternal solace is a constant pursuit to true freedom, brilliance of will, beauty of man deepening black space the shroud the hovel of old power, old gods righteous might omniscience, all knowing is at mere fingertips caressing the cosmos for our origins and nurturing benevolence, solace is a constant pursuit