Visions of Ruination

by Decarabia / Tahazu

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sinneth soul
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sinneth soul A great album, atmospheric and sensual. Brings you to a different transcendental world. Favorite track: Forsaken Being.
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Collaboration between Tahazu and Decarabia

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released March 18, 2017

Tahazu - Vocals, Guitar
Decarabia - Synths, Drum Machine, Mixing





Ambient Black Metal from USA

2016 - To Present

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Track Name: Forsaken Being
Awakened minds
forsaken lives
a howl of agaony under hollow skies and black night shattered the mirrors of our existence
desolate being
pain is so freeing
shed before my blood of life, a remembered feeling of the rush of fear and trembling
Track Name: Darkened Horizons
when is the time to die, one's weakness is another's inspiration, gruel for the worthless.
This existence is death, inevitable reality that drives man mad, our own knowing of our end.
So we crawl, stumble on through the motions that draw on the meaningless everything.
Endless decline into the pit of fog that obscures the meaning of existence.
We choose the end, the fall of our mind to madness.
Track Name: Descent
Descend into the mind of agony and madness for it is most real, a resolute end to all-- feel it, the pain of the world, the bleeding veins of our existence screaming for solace and hope, forever burning.
Track Name: Plaguekind
Continuums of suffering;
Enduring in the flesh, ravaging the once serene, the pestilence, the plague we call man
It will all end when the sun boils the water off our cursed utopia doomed from the beginning
Ouroboros, the unending cycle of the known inevitable, the beginning, the end-- Death.
Track Name: Endless Blackness
Thou art a lie to believe, a figure unkown to the wise who know their end. The mindless ambling to feast, to slowly die-- wretched their kind that cannot see the truth-- the void
Track Name: Dying Sun
Breathing, one last time
Burning, corneas from the bright sunset
Exhale, and know we all end
It all ends
Collapse, of frail psyche
Ending, the meaninglessness
Destroy, that which will be one again- praise the void
Nothing, will consume us all
All existence ends
Take comfort in that- Forever is an endlessness
It all ends
It all ends