Ashen Realm

by Decarabia / Tahazu

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Collaboration between Tahazu and Decarabia

Link to Tahazu's site:


released July 9, 2017

Tahazu - Vocals, Guitar
Decarabia - Synths, Drum Machine, Mixing





Ambient Black Metal from USA

2016 - To Present

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Track Name: Eventide
Drowning in the glow of a dusk
(that) graying eyes will never see again, the only epiphany to save ourselves is death
the truest of all realities-- is death
Track Name: Beautiful Desolation
Catastrophe of all life-- such a grant event, and ultimate outcome, such beautiful desolation in the ruins and bones.
Perfection in a meaningless existence that only brings rot, decay like the pulsing galaxy breeds true chaos;
Damned to death and it's infallibility.
Track Name: Soulless Landscape
Driftless in a sea of toxic skies and useless flesh
Eternally loathing mirror images of self though the end of life is equivocal
Never will an answer be heard by the insane who revel in their ignorance, over and over again
Judgement from the great throne sealed with blood of truth and sacrifice shall come swiftly
Over and over again
Track Name: Monument
Life is driven into the ground, true terror manifest;
self- discovered, created, only to shatter the frail bodies of consciousness under a monolith of despair;
true terror manifest, self- discovered, a monolith of despair.
Track Name: Conium Maculatum
Paralyzed, a gaze now that only screams in anguish,
trembling thoughts that trail the slowing breaths of condemnation from sweet leaves--
Convulsing in atrophy, reveling in the end of all existence.
Track Name: Plumes of Ash
Melting skies into the mud- entropy
Psochosis draws the masses- chaotic
watch how it unfolds- apocalypse
apocalypse, plumes of ashen flesh- searing
drawn to such awe- catastrophe
as has been chosen to burn the world
catastrophe, as has been chosen to burn the world
Track Name: A Shroud of Death
Bathed in wrath
summoned to end life
behind every stone
in endless darkness
Eternal reign and terror
mastering this domain of flesh
omega and omnipresent
to blot out the sun
a mask, a shroud of death
claiming this ground to rule
upon the throne of bones i wear this mask
and i am god of all once again